• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted October 01, 2018

The real reason people hate Mondays

The REASON why so many people hate on Mondays is because they aren't winning financially. Their paycheck is spent before they even get it.

I promise you once you start winning you won't be unhappy at work. Many startups and small businesses wrongly focus on things like office perks to make employees happy.

For example, walk into a “hip” startup and you'll see a foosball table to the left, a ping-pong table to the right, and beanbags sprawled around the office keg where workers can also bring their pets.

Look, we all want to be happy at work. But if your workplace is dull, it's not because you don't have a nap pod or an office barista. It's because you're losing.

If you aren't making sales, if you aren't producing, if your paycheck isn't growing - you won't be happy no matter what perks the company provides.

Having a hip office is a way to show how “comfortable” the place is, right?

Sitting on a beanbag, having access to a keg, playing foosball, and having a dog sit under a desk is not going to make anybody more productive - I promise.

A trendy office with unlimited coffee sounds appealing, but after about a week, having a trendy office won't make up for an average paycheck.

Only production will make you happy at work, regardless of your field.

As an artist, you are happiest when you are creating and when you finish a new piece of art.
As a doctor, you feel amazing when you truly help someone.
As an automotive salesperson, you get the highest motivation from
closing a major deal and sending a happy customer off in their new vehicle

For increased production, you need skills, not perks. You can be happier in your drab cubicle by producing big than the guy at another company sipping Red Bull, playing ping-pong, and wondering why his paycheck is never getting any bigger.

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