• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted May 05, 2017

5 Ways To Create Leveraged Income

Hi NetBeian

I am very proud that most of the pioneer leaders are making good income weekly, consistently. You are hardworking and talented leaders. I am very proud of what have you done, and very honor to pay your BENEFITS. I wish it will increase more in weeks to come so i can hire more accountant in corporate to serve you !

For those who were attending last night BOS (Business Opportunity Sharing), dont forget to lock your position today before 1150pm today. (Every Friday our system will run the bonuses at 1150pm). Definitely you dont want to miss anyone who are potential to be a leader or loyal consumer below you. Act now !

One this Friday morning , I would like to share about 5 ways to create leveraged income.

There are 3 forms of income. - earned, leveraged, and passive. Let's have a look at each in a little more details.

EARNED INCOME - is income that is generated by working. This form of income is generated by being an employee or self-employed and is paid immediately. Examples of earned income include - working a job, consulting, speaking, teaching or any other activity that is based on time or effort spent.

LEVERAGED INCOME - is where you do the work once and you get paid repeatedly for doing the work. For example - when an author writes a book once, they get paid every time the book is purchased.

PASSIVE INCOME - is receiving income for assets you have created or purchased. Some types of passive income include - rental income from investment properties, business income ( that is not from earned income) , investing and savings as well as AFFILIATES & NETWORKING MARKETING.

NetBe is an affiliates / networking types of business. Its provide passive income for those who work for it

It is so worth it to put your time and effort in this business. Ask our top earner this week, (prop boh top earner minggu ni gambar print screen dari backoffice) Congrats !

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