• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted June 28, 2017

Four Criteria of Good Leaders

Clearly, good leadership matters. But what do we know about good leaders? Although their style and expertise might vary, they tend to display some consistent personality characteristics. On average, they're more emotionally stable, ambitious, sociable, and interpersonally sensitive than others.

  1. EMOTIONAL STABILITY helps leaders stay cool under pressure so they can calm down their subordinates and keep everyone on track when things get tough.
  2. AMBITION helps leaders set challenging goals their teams need to reach for. That's especially important considering the reciprocal effects between engagement and performance. In other words, engaged team perform better, but high-performing individuals will also be more engaged. It's either a virtuous circle or a vicious cycle depending on how well a leader leads.
  3. SOCIABILITY helps leaders communicate with their teams, develop good networks, and put in the time it takes to nurture those relationships.
  4. INTERPERSONAL sensitivity causes leaders to focus more on others than on themselves. They're more altruistic and better attuned to their subordinates' feelings.
Practice these criteria, develop it time to time, and you will see your network grow. When your network grow, your financial definitely become better !

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