• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted July 07, 2017

Team Up with people who are doing better than you

  1. Thank you for coming up last night for our first Raya celebration. I appreciate you all Netbian
  2. I encourage all of you to progress for the next Hari Raya. It will give more joy to your family and the loves one.
  3. I also emphasize the important to work with people who are doing better than you. Most of us like the comfort zone. We tend to work with people who doing lesser than us. Because we feel easy , in control and supreme.
  4. Actually in order for you to have freedom in time and material, you need to hire, team up or work with people who have better idea, experience and work ethic than you do. Challenge yourselves to reach at their level. Improve day by day.
  5. There is a word that saying, 'if you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room'
  6. It's entrepreneurship gospel--work with those who are smarter than you
  7. Clever, skilled leaders require less management, constantly teach you new things, and shore up your weaknesses
  8. But, the problem is people have egos and insecurities, and being surrounded by folks who are smarter than you can make you feel bad. Few would freely admit it, of course, but this is often the reason people fail to heed this obvious advice.
  9. So is it possible to rewire yourself to reap the benefits of a team of super-achievers without suffering self-esteem erosion, or does enjoying the company of a room full of brainiacs require an ego transplant and or years of therapy? I prefer the first one.
  10. Here are some tips which i can give to you , to work with smart people.
    • Know Your Strengths - Believe that you must have something to offer the team. Focus on the strengths you possess, rather than the skills or knowledge you lack.
    • Be the King (or Queen) of Questions - When surrounded by smart people, your first impulse may be to hide your ignorance, but that's the wrong way to go. If you don't ask questions, you'll never learn. 'It's much better to appear uninformed than to give the impression you know something you don't, which can come back to haunt you. I used to ask my corporate team to explain things to me 'in little baby words that I can understand,'
    • Take Your Time - Getting comfortable among a team isn't something that happens over night, many of the responders warn. Getting to know, and learning from, truly smart collaborators can be a lengthy process, so don't expect to wake up a week later and feel totally comfortable. It took several years to be one of the top people !
    • Imagine the Alternative - How did I adjust? I considered the alternative to working with smarter people, and that was even less enticing. In my experience, working with people who are less smart/experienced than you is less educational, less rewarding, and more frustrating than working with those who are smarter/experienced. Working with great peers will help you up your game. We want to WIN !
    • Remember What You Can Control - Understand this ; you can't control whether you're the smartest person in the room, but you can certainly control whether you're the most prepared. You can't get smarter. But you can always work harder than someone else. Pedigree doesn't mean anything. Work ethic is everything.
    • Read - Make yourselves knowledgeable and well equip. Dont look or feel stupid !
    • Don't Compete - The more you're competing the less you're learning and accomplishing. Don't start competing. The day you'll accept the fact that there will always exist smarter people, learning will become much easier, Don't compete, contemplate,

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