• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted January 13, 2017

Top Top Top

  1. Happy new year everybody ! For the 3rd weeks in a row, we have paid BENEFITS. Other companies may call it bonuses, but i like to call it benefit. Because for me bonuses are something extra from what we were earned. BENEFITS is where the reward is if u work and believe in NetBe.
  2. We are working hard to give a good impression to all NetBe team . Andwe always encouraging success. In your backoffice now, you are able to see the Weekly Top Performer & Top Earner.
  3. Top Performer is where we can recognize those who introduce NetBe to many people. We appreciate your effort by 'spreading the love' of NetBe.
  4. Top Earner is to recognize who are among us truly building up the business and the organizations below him or her. We pay weekly Benefits straight to your account . No gapping of the weeks like other companies, if you closed the deal on this week, the next following Friday is your Benefits Day !
  5. We dont called or brand 'leaders' or certain RANK in NetBe. We are not ordinary or similiar way of conducting businesses like other companies. NetBe is base on merits. We recognized those who deserve it. Leader is given by respect, hardwork, leadership skills, dedication, commitment and reliability. Leaders cant be called or put name on it . In NetBe we believe in this ! Everyone is a leader in their own organization. But not everyone is a PERFORMER or TOP EARNER. You gotta be the best to get those 2 titles.
  6. Our product is in manufacturing process. We are in the midst of registration, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) , HALAL and will go further to acquire KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) - if needed. Premium product quality is our number 1 objectives. Without a good 'powerful' product, we cant drive the business towards success. It may takes another 4 to 5 weeks before we start shipping it to you.
  7. Congrats again to those who are getting the Benefits today . I appreciate you and I am here to work harder to serve you. Thank you for believing in NetBe vision & mission.
  8. Salam & god bless

Razrul Anwar Rusli
Founder & CEO
Facebook : Razrul Anwar Rusli
Instagram : ezurazz

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