• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted August 23, 2017

Importance Of Attending Events

Over the years I have been asked at least a thousands times.

“Why do I have to attend events?”

Now mind you, I don't ever hear this question from the leaders who are building a profitable business. Nor do I ever hear it from those who have experienced a life changing transformation as a result of attending a event. But I do often it hear from those who “sign up” WITHOUT a having made a firm commitment to build their business “no matter what”.

I do hear it from those who are “going to GIVE IT A SHOT to see what happens” and, quite often, from those who haven't yet come to realize it takes time, effort, skill and often a significant financial investment to build a real business.

Over the past 14 years I have built two profitable network marketing businesses and I make it a point to attend every major or small company event unless me myself is bleeding and dying in the hospital. Because they are that important. They really are.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad/Poor Dad, suggests that network marketing is an industry designed for people who want to change their lives - fortune and fame - because most network marketing companies offer comprehensive personal development training as well as the nuts-n-bolts of what it really takes to build a business.

The nuts-n-bolts are often taught at events from the leaders who are making things happen. So if you want to know how to produce a result, you'll often hear the answer at a company event. But I think the most powerful reason to attend events is not found within the event itself, but rather found before and after the daily schedule and in the breaks.

Because this is when you have the chance to hang out and socialize with other people in the same business who are excited and who are serious about making incredible things happen. This is the time when you can actually discover the “leaders” and top income earners are just ordinary people - just like me and you - warts and all. Nothing special. With the exception they did make a decision to build and they just got busy.

They put the work back into the work from home equation, give up their excuses and took consistent action regardless. We are all social human being and love to “belong” and do things with other people we find are like us in some ways. Look at people who enjoy dancing or clubbing. They hang out with other people who enjoy dancing.

How about party animals? They hang out at parties in KX or wherever for instance with other party animals where the behavior is not only accepted - but EXPECTED and appreciated. So when you step up and attend events like all leaders do who are serious about building a profitable business - your peers, your tribe, your peeps EXPECT you to be successful as well. They expect you to go home and get busy and do whatever is necessary and appropriate to hit the next achievement or income level before the next event.

Your peers, your tribe, your peeps and your upline leaders EXPECT you to have more team members in tow at the next event - and BECAUSE we will do most anything to “fit in”, find acceptance and feel we are contributing to the group. we tend to behave properly and do EXACTLY what is expected of us.

Powerful, isn't it? See you at the next event!

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