• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted January 11, 2018

Dont Listen To Them About Money


Part of the problem with MONEY is that most people get financial advice from those who are struggling with or who have given up on money themselves.

Most of the advice we get about money is from people close to us. Some of the people you get advice from have never even thought financial freedom was possible.

You must get REAL information and look beyond the dumb advice of family, television pundits, blogs, get-rich articles, cute quotes on Instagram, and silly little sayings. Network With Benefits (NetBe) is a REAL platform that produces REAL financial results that will grant you financial freedom.

NetBe provide courses and training include Selling Basics, The Sales Process, Understanding the Buyer, Theory of Closing, Closing Strategies, Incoming Calls, Prospecting, Follow Up, Customer Service, 100 Ways to Stay Motivated, Top Attitude of Great Sales People, Internet Lead Response, Personal Finances, Handling Objections, Cold Calling and more.

Get enrolled today, and be part of NetBe affiliates program.

Closing date of the program to register is on 24th of February 2018. The event will kick off on 3rd March 2018. With registration, you will get FREE NetBe VC worth RM180. Limited seats available. Reply this email for your seats or can call our GM at 0133384654

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