• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted March 28, 2018

2 minutes Question with Founder & CEO

Q : What is this profits sharing all about ?
A : To ensure every NetBe affiliates are able to earn income every month consistently. On the traditional bonus plan, they pay to the performers which is only 5% from the total company affiliates, but now with this concept, we are able to pay everybody. People want security and income assurance, and thats what we give.

Q : How the company will be able to pay ? because its seems like confirm income every month.
A : This is where my experience about 15 years in this industry helps. Traditional concept and bonus plan is where company can reap a lot of profits. As i mention above, only 5% are able to get it. Another 95% like consumer or part-timers, they are not able to earn good income as the performers. SO this unqualify sales volume will go straight to company account. In whatever fields in this world, performers are really rare and only them can make good money either in football, movies, engineering etc.

So now in NetBE, total sale we give equal share to everyone. Thats why there is no pairing or hidden bonus plan which will not help the majority of the people at all. We are not MLM or networking, we are online business where we pay direct to our affiliates. Simple as that.

Q : NetBe is online business now
A : Yes it is. Solution Oriented Product

Razrul Anwar Rusli is the founder and CEO of Network With Benefits Sdn Bhd . He has 15 years of experience in Networking, MLM and online business. His track record was successfully build up two American company in Asia from 2007 to 2015 before start his journey with NetBe.

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