• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted January 20, 2017

Expand to SEA Market & World Wide Vision

  1. I love to share stories. Positive stories, inspiring one.
  2. This week alone before we were closing on Friday, today, we have 50 new customers.
  3. How amazing and inspiring about this growth. We are not even have the product ready yet. In manufacturing process. We are thankful for all of your hardwork. We are realize that they want to lock the position up to be the pioneer. They will be the first to taste our product.
  4. And the most important thing is they are all believe in YOU. Thank you.
  5. Medium of communication in NetBE is direct, straight forward, sometime informal and fast. We are not traditional. This company runs by 30's , which is Internet era born. We have autoresponder email, sms info and Whatsapp group. The group, consist of all pioneer customers. Some of them already became a Top Earner or Top Performer in short period of time.
  6. As we are always updating you about our product progress, (approximate 4 weeks or less form now), we are ready and preparing to open on foreign market.
  7. We are ready to licenses and ship the product to South East Asia region. We may start with Singapore, Indonesia , Thailand , Philippines and Brunei.
  8. For Indonesia, i take it for an instance, we will have Business Development Manager over there to facilitate our operation. We will have an official office to distribute product. The product will ship straight from Malaysia factory to Indonesia office with the authority permissions. We are ready. We are spending on this, now.
  9. So they will be no longer different countries in NetBE, we are all connected with Network With Benefits. One of my vision is we can produce our Asian products and make it one of NetBe premium product to market it world wide under NetBE name. For an example, Indonesia high quality product, we can market it under NetBE name which are good for consumer. So we will going bigger and stronger. NetBE not only will be in Asia, lets dream America and Europe. Nothing is impossible. Jack Ma from ALiBABA did it, so NetBE !
  10. It is impossible to this alone. NetBE need all of you to support our mission and vision. Like our last week Top Earner said , 'believe to see, not see to believe' .. May our vision blessed by God. Amin.

Razrul Anwar Rusli
Founder & CEO
Facebook : Razrul Anwar Rusli
Instagram : ezurazz

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