• By GM Zack
  • Posted February 08, 2017


  1. Fresh greetings after Lunar Year !
  2. Our product now had passed the lab test and reported for the nutritional facts and ingredient.
  3. The results of the Nutritional Fact already come out on 6 FEBRUARY 2017, and on the same time for the box design.
  4. We have choose 1 brilliant out of 13 design
  5. The product is estimated to be delivered from 13 February to 17 February. Estimated on that date.
  6. The box will be ready tomorrow and the ingredient process is already strated since last week since we demand a very HIGH QUALITY product.
  7. The porpotions and mixture is to be exact as the lab tested sample, and to be recap of the ingredient the two main powerful ingredient in your products are LUTEIN and ZEAXANTHIN.
  8. Since this 2 ingredient must be order from oversea (not available in Malaysia), that make the process slow a little bit and the manufacturing had to order from last JANUARY and the ingredient came in enough to support our 2nd batch and third batch manufacturing.
  9. We hope to deliver the product to you as soon as possible.
  10. About the Indonesia market i need to meet the leaders to decide how many box and who will received the product.
  11. Please email me if you have any concern about the product at ismail.ibrahim@netbe4u.com or call me direct phone line at 03 7494 6140
  12. This will be the Ultra Premium Product for our health vision. Unique in the market.
Thank you.

Ismail Ibrahim
General Manager of NetBe

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