• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted July 04, 2018

I hate sales

I am a salesman because I had to be, not because I wanted to be. Truth be told I HATED sales when I got into it.

I hear people say, “you are a natural salesman.” Wrong.

I hated sales the first year I was in it. I am the most unnatural salesperson you would ever meet. At the age of 21 on my first sales business (local MLM company) in a health and wellness company said, “business partner” and I hated it.

I hated talking to strangers, “is there something I can help you with?” I was awkward, often tongue-tied, scared to approach people, hated rejection and my results relied purely on luck.

A guy named Osman told me one day, “You hate sales because you don't know anything about it. Listen to this tape.”

He gave me a cassette by an old sales trainer from Sabah who talked about sales like it was a formula for selling step by step from the moment you met the customer to the close. It was amazing.

Within 30 days my production had doubled and, interestingly enough, what I had been hating, I now started to enjoy.

Within nine months I was in the top 1 percent in my company and had fallen in love. Within five years I started a business where I would teach salespeople and sales organizations a new way to sell.

My point today is you don't need to like sales - you need to understand your entire future depends on it and quit fighting it.

Very few people inherently like sales. Everyone I know who loves sales love it because they are successful at it.

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