• By CEO Razrul
  • Posted February 16, 2017

What are the advantages compared Ambassador Package with other Packages ?

* Benefits = Bonuses

  1. Eligible Benefit First Order RM2400 higher than other packages. - Fast BENEFIT at the beginning. If you close the deal on this week, next week Friday is your BENEFIT day.
  2. You can 100% just focus on business because eligible for all BENEFITS. You will not miss every BENEFITS from the consumer, group and network.
  3. Maximum BENEFITS payout every week on Friday, Ambassador package holder are entitled for RM600,000 / weekly compared to ;
    • Consumer package = RM16,050 / weekly
    • Loyalist package = RM32,400 / weekly
    • Gold Member = RM160,800 / weekly
    • Leadership package = RM351,600 / weekly
    We are doing NetBe for a long term, so it is best to recommend at all to get the maximum BENEFITS , if not we are already restrict their financial potential.
  4. NetBE is not forcing or put a time frame for all to UPGRADE to the Ambassador package. Upgrade to Ambassador status only once in a lifetime. After that, you can buy a Loyalist or Consumer package , but you still serves as Ambassador status to enjoy all the benefits in NetBE.
  5. If you have purchased the package of Ambassador, you have the 'flexibility' to upgrade to Ambassador status, to receive the benefits and advantages of Ambassador status. So upgrade to the Ambassador today! At the beginning, it is best if we encourage our business partners to buy Ambassador package, so they will not waste money to buy repeatedly later. (If they are capable of and saw the advantages of the product and business)
  6. We are more confident to do NetBe business with the Ambassador package, because we are serious, and set an example to the network. Ambassador package cost only RM6000, once in a life time purchase. First Order BENEFIT is RM2400 !! 40% payout for one package only. The highest payout in the market. Yet, the 'residual income' Pairing Benefit from the group is not include yet, this alone you will get a maximum of RM600,000 per week!
  7. Products for Ambassador package is 40 packs, can retail at RM180 per pack (additional retail Profit RM7200) . It can be a sufficient 'sample' for our business. When we are consuming NetBe for a long time, the effect is good for our health also will increase the confidence of our business concerned.

Razrul Anwar Rusli
Founder & CEO
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