• By NetBe
  • Posted March 14, 2017


  1. We are so so grateful for all your positive feedback about the products. We are gathering many testimonies at the same time right now.
  2. On the 2nd batch we will enhance more on the product packaging.
  3. KKM and HALAL is certified, you can ask from our management for the references.

  4. NetBe will hire a new General& Branding Manager to assist our product to rise to a different level. He is the best. I will announce soon.
  5. Our existing General Manager will move to Members & Consumer Division to head and help our team in terms of product, benefits and events.
  6. All these investment and moves is to ensure we can serve our consumers and members at the best level possible. Your good testimonies is our satisfaction. Your good benefits income is our gratitude.
  7. Meanwhile in our May Pre-launch, we would like to announce NetBe trips to Las Vegas USA. Yes it is for FREE. Learn and vacation ! Stay tune for more info about this trip, here i give u a sneakpeak about the event in Vegas on November. I wish we can have a good time together in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas.

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