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  • Posted April 13, 2017

Know More About NetBe VC

NetBe V-C (VIsion Care)

Supports and Maintains Healthy Eyes and Vision*
Combines Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin and Mixed Berry Blend

NetBe V-C provides your eyes with a proven array of carotenoids including: Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Studies have shown that all 3 cross the blood brain barrier and support and optimize eye health. These carotenoids are shown to reduce oxidative stress to the eyes, improve macular pigment density, protect the retina against light-induced damage and support overall vision function.

4 Key Benefits of NetBe V-C
1. Supports Optimal Vision & Aids in Preventing Vision Loss*
2. Increase Macular Pigment Density
3. Protects Against Light-Induced Damage
4. Prevents Retinal Damage from Oxidative Stress

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Increase Macular Pigment Density and Prevent Loss of Vision*

The carotenoids found in NetBe V-C are shown to concentrate within the eyes and increase macular pigment density. Persons with increased macular pigment density generally have reduced susceptibility to (ARMD) Age Related Macular degeneration or what is commonly experienced as the loss of vision associated with aging.*

Protects Against Light-Induced Damage*

NetBe V-C also works to protect the eyes from light induced damage that may lead to vision loss. Over exposure to UV light is shown to cause damage and degradation to the retina and overall vision. The carotenoids found in NetBe V-C, specifically Astaxanthin, is shown to concentrated in eye tissue and protect from light induced damage, photoreceptor cell damage, ganglion cell damage, and damage to the neurons of the inner retinal layers.*

Prevents Retinal Damage from Oxidative Stress

The eye exists in an oxygen and light rich environment, which in turn leaves the eyes highly susceptible to degradation from ultraviolet light and also oxidative stress. The eye naturally concentrates Astaxanthin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin in the retina and the trio works to neutralize oxidative stress and shield against UV damage, thus promoting long-term eye health and optimal vision.*

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