It has been 15 years that our CEO & Founder involve in the industry. Now, with his vision's, we want to close the 'loop hole' or any disadvantages in another company bonus plan's, to ensure everyone enjoy to be part with NetBE. First, keep in mind that we called our plan is BENEFITS.

So these are among our strengths. It will be more BENEFITS coming along the way. Please call or email us if you want to know further. We are advise you to be part with us. We are here to serve you. Again our mission is to produce the best premium product for everyone and to change people lives with a small start-up business model. No risk !

See you in NetBE and start earning !


need to start big

Buy the lowest product range to enjoy the benefits.

need to keep your product at home

We can deliver it to you for FREE !

need to send the products to your customer

Yes we will do it for you for FREE too !

have to set up some sort of e-wallet

We dont make things complicated to our NetBE members, we pay DIRECT to your bank account.

have a certain time frame

Most of MLM / Networking companies has a time frame for you in order to buy their biggest package. We think it is wrong to force people for a commitment. In NetBE, we design our BENEFITS to be flexible and based on your capacity. If you are able to go big, please do, if not, you are still able to earn good BENEFITS with a lower product range.

need to maintain

'Maintain' is the word that scares most people in this industry. Again why we want to force people to buy our product if they dont like it ? It is not our right to do so. Customer will buy our products if they love the products. We in NetBE believe in this, so if you are not buying the product, but you love of our business model, you are still able get a BENEFIT.

need to have directs customer

In order for you to earn whole of your organization BENEFITS, you need to have direct customer. If u just 'get lucky' to have your organizations running automatically and a lot of consumers below it, we will reward the BENEFITS to you.

need to learn complicated bonus plan

We dont have that. We just have 2 lucrative way of paying our NetBE members. Easy to do and simple to explain.